Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the A.I.R. Conway philosophy?2016-05-26T15:58:36+00:00

A: We feel we are large enough to serve you and small enough to care. Try us … you’ll be pleased. Please ask for distributor references and their phone numbers.

Q: What is A.I.R. Conway’s billing procedure?2016-05-26T15:58:05+00:00

A: Invoicing is created on ship day including any shipping costs. Credit will be extended to distributors who provide good credit history (A.S.I. or supplier credit history from credit application.) We accept Visa and MasterCard for convenient payment.

Q: What is A.I.R. Conway’s normal delivery schedule?2016-05-26T15:57:39+00:00

A: We offer imprinting delivery in one week for small quantities, 10-14 days for larger quantities.
We offer embroidery delivery in one week for small quantities and two to three weeks for larger
quantities. RUSH service: call for availability. Please note: additional costs may apply.

Q: Will A.I.R Conway check our order to be sure it was filled correctly by the shirt distributor2016-05-26T15:56:29+00:00

A: All goods are checked for size, quantity and color. The distributor will be notified within 24 hours if there is a discrepancy; however, we must have a fax of the order from the distributor to compare for accuracy. Without a fax, we cannot verify.

Q: Will A.I.R Conway drop ship to our end users?2016-05-26T15:55:22+00:00

A: Yes. We will ship regular UPS daily, unless a different carrier is noted on your purchase order. We use a computer shipping system that shows your address as the shipper. We DO NOT put any A.I.R Conway identification on the package.

Q: Who does A.I.R. Conway sell its imprinting and embroidery services to?2016-05-26T15:54:22+00:00

A: WE SELL ONLY TO DISTRIBUTORS.THERE IS NO DIRECT SELLING. Over 90% of A.I.R. Conway customers are Promotional Product Distributors. We do not have a sales force. Also, we do not sell other promotional products (pens, mugs, etc.) to compete with distributors.