A.I.R. Conway’s Art Requirements

 A.I.R Conway is a Mac based art department. We accept Screen Printing Artwork and others on a CD-ROM and via email attachment. FTP information is required when files are over 5MB. Hard copy color print-out may also be required. Please email art to:  artwork@airconway.com


Most images that are printed in spot colors require files in a vector format which is non-resolution dependent.  This enables us to create color separations, white base plates for printing on dark colored shirts and to resize art without compromising image quality of the screen printing artwork.

A.I.R Conway’s Accepted File Extensions:
.ai Adobe Illustrator (CS6 or lower)
.pdf (no placed images)

Unaccepted Files:
MS Word, Power Point or other non-graphic programs
.cdr Corel Draw and .fh Freehand – not supported unless saved in .ai or .eps format

Helpful Hints For Usable Vector Art:
Convert all text to outlines/curves
Do not use placed or linked images
Include PMS color palette


Photographic images and high resolution illustrative graphics are best submitted as a raster art file. Raster art is resolution dependent and must be close to finished size in file. The quality of the raster art dictates the print quality, therefore resizing images is not recommended. Remember, higher the quality screen printing artwork makes a higher quality print.

A.I.R Conway’s Accepted File Extensions:
.psd Adobe Photoshop (CS6 preferred)
.jpg (150 dpi minimum)
.pds (no placed images)

Helpful Hints for Usable Raster Art:
Provide 300 dpi or more at final print size
Submit images on a transparent background